Top 5 Best Cultural Arts Events in the World

A cultural art event makes the world a good place to be. They keep us in memory of some things which we would otherwise be ignorant about. In fact, generations to come will be kept in remembrance of the events and what used to be done because nearly all the vents are given specific dates for the celebration where the artistic work is shown to keep the day lovely. The following are the best events in the world:

1. Adelaide Fringe.This is one of the known art festivals. It takes place in the south Australian capital city majorly at the end of the Aussie summer. During this festival, there is always a whole four-week break from usual events. People celebrate with lots of comedy, music, art visual, films and cabaret among many other entertainment options. This event was founded in tee 1960 and takes place between mid February to mid-March.

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2. The Hong Kong art festival.This event started in 1973. It is majorly a Chinese even but acknowledges even other people from the world. The main purpose of this event is normally to develop the public in matters to do in artwork in the process of building a platform for cultural exchange. For some time, the Royal Shakespeare Company has been sponsoring this event.

3. Art market San Francisco.This is once again another art event known in the world. Just as the name suggests, it is basically known to provide a platform for marketing of different artwork on display. Anybody can come up with unique designs of artwork. The number of visitors which the event attracts is more than 25,000 hence a guarantee that the artwork on display will be bought.

4. Smithsonian Folklife Festival.This event takes place during summer in the Washington DC. There is normally no entry fee. The event has its programs scheduled daily in the evening for four days in June and another four days in July. The kind of performance and music which takes place during the period is just amazing. It even gives room for a cooking demonstration.

5. Boom festival. Every summer, this cultural event takes place on the shores of Idanha-a-Nova late in Portugal. This happens to be one of the very entertaining events due to the major agenda of the event which is the healing ritual. These are many cultural differences among the Portuguese but during this season; people come from all cultures with what they believe to give solutions for the sick. It takes place around July.

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